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Why company culture is important in the hiring process

Company culture is ever important, especially in today’s job market. Whether you are leading hiring decisions or interviewing for your first job, positive workplace culture is crucial. We break down a few key details regarding positive culture within your organization and how it shines throughout the hiring process.

Are you ready for it? Taylor wasn’t. 

Obsidian Blog Post (Taylor’s version) Millions of teenage girls and 30-year-old women like me had their wildest dreams come true when Taylor announced she’d be going back on tour – a tour that would feature each of her “Eras.” There was going to be a presale process, and…

Public relations’ role in event planning

At OPR, our experience goes beyond traditional public relations practices (even though that is our bread and butter). Our team is fortunate to have much experience planning myriad events while implementing our PR tools along the way. We discuss the basics of event planning and how PR can be your biggest asset.

Three tips for building a solid, positive work culture

Building a positive work culture takes time and resources, but it’s easier than you might think. A few baby steps can make all the difference in how your employees feel about their jobs and their desire to help drive success for your company. Learn three tips for improving or establishing a work culture that will keep employees around for years to come.