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PRedictions for 2022

Starting to make plans for your outreach efforts in 2022? Start first by assessing trends and the predicted landscape for the next year. Kelli and Christina talk with Taylor about what they anticipate 2022 will bring while also running through the entire Obsidian team’s insight.

Having an attitude of gratitude

Creating a workplace that prioritizes thanks and support is no small feat, but for more than 15 years, Courtney has done just that at Obsidian. Businesses and professionals looking to take their gratitude to the next level should tune in to hear how you can sow seeds of…

Pay my name, pay my name

Burgeoning college athletes, listen up. If you want to capitalize on name, image and likeness deals, you first need to sharpen your communication skills. OPR’s resident sports enthusiast, Murray, joins Taylor on the eve of their two-teams colliding on the gridiron to discuss how athletes can secure (and…

How to move past a crisis

If you work in public relations, you know what it feels like to pray a crisis away. After all, no one wants to navigate the intense tightrope that is responding to questions about something bad that’s happened at no fault of your own. But that’s our job as…

A few of our favorite things

We’re getting into the holiday spirit early...because why not? This episode of Off the Rock, On the Record is all about giving. If you’re looking to shop or support a Memphis business or organization this holiday season, we have a list for you. Our team shares insight on…

A conversation with PR educators

Public relations professors share how they adapt to the ever-changing natures of our industry, world and the needs of PR students. https://soundcloud.com/user-396929231/a-conversation-with-public-relations-educators

Lessons from a tenured PR professional

Lauren Hannaford shares the lessons she's learned throughout her decade-long tenure at Obsidian Public Relations. https://soundcloud.com/user-396929231/lessons-from-a-tenured-pr-professional

Professional lessons learned through internships

Madison Mullis, public relations graduate student at the University of Memphis, shares lessons she's learned as a communication intern. https://soundcloud.com/user-396929231/professional-lessons-learned-through-internships

Professional lessons from an account manager

Murray Lace, senior account manager at Obsidian Public Relations, shares the lessons she's you learned throughout her first five years as a professional. https://soundcloud.com/user-396929231/professional-lessons-from-an-account-manager

Impactful lessons from PR studies

Abbie Hancock, public relations student at Mississippi State University, shares lessons she's learned throughout her undergraduate PR curriculum. https://soundcloud.com/user-396929231/impactful-lessons-from-pr-studies