Public relations’ role in event planning

At OPR, our experience goes beyond traditional public relations practices (even though that is our bread and butter). Our team is fortunate to have much experience planning myriad events while implementing our PR tools along the way. We discuss the basics of event planning and how PR can be your biggest asset.

Starting fresh: How to move your PR efforts forward as the pandemic wanes

Many organizations found themselves constantly in survival mode during the pandemic, and their communication efforts reflected that. It's time for communicators to step out of a reactionary mindset and be proactive if they want to reconnect with target audiences and refocus on driving their organization’s mission. Check out our tips on how to refresh your PR strategy.

Five Proofreading Tips To Strengthen Your Brand’s Message

Whether you are trying to craft a funny tweet, a press release, or an entire brand, proofreading is a must. Brands depend on us to convey their ideas in a way that is professional and credible. Strong writing skills increase the likelihood that your message will be understood by your readers.

The top PR practices to work into your personal life

You don’t have to be a PR pro to know how to approach interactions in your daily life with a public relations mindset. Most people use valuable PR skills daily and don’t even realize it! Take it from our team, there are some gems you should take with you into your personal and professional life.

Making it personal: How to uphold relationships in a virtual world

Don’t hide behind a virtual curtain ‒it’s time to show customers that you know them and who you have on your team taking care of their needs! Early 2020 communication plans are now outdated, and consumers want to see you. But how do you uphold relationships when you’ve made the choice to go all virtual? Read more about how to update your communication strategy to maximize human connection.