At Obsidian, we take a tailored, relationship-centric approach that is best suited for each client, and no client is the same. One thing is always certain – we are the experts. If you could benefit from our expertise on any one of the capabilities below, Obsidian is the firm for you. 

Media Training

Before the curtain goes up or the camera goes on, make sure your company or organizational spokesperson is prepared to do media interviews the right way ‒ keeping your reputation sparkling.


From annual reports to feature-length pieces, Obsidian has a writer perfectly suited for your project. It is at the very foundation of everything we do for our clients and a craft we have perfected.


No communications campaign will be on-target if the proper research hasn’t been conducted. From focus groups to surveys and case studies to literature reviews, make sure your PR work gets off on the right foot.

Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the most influential ways of connecting with customers today is through content marketing. Through developing meaningful content via blogs and e-newsletters, Obsidian can help your brand stay relevant and engaging.

Internal Communications

One of a company’s most important stakeholders is its employee base. Whether you’re dealing with low employee morale, battling retention problems or launching a new internal process, strategic internal communications is the answer.

Ambassador Training

Your employees are your greatest ambassadors. So, teach them well and send them forth to communicate your key messages. This half- or full-day training session is the best communications investment your company will make all year long.

Event Planning

An integral part of any successful communications plan is creating unforgettable special events, and we’re here to help you promote them ‒ whether it’s a grand opening, a product launch, a community relations event or an expert seminar.

Issue Management

The best way to avoid a fire: Survey your environment and never let the first spark hit the carpet. This is a major public relations function that often goes underused in business today. Let Obsidian help your company monitor trends and stakeholder responses.

Media Relations

One of the most widely known public relations functions, media relations helps you and your company make headlines when the news is good and mitigate negative consequences when the news is not so good. Obsidian’s philosophy to media relations is this simple: There’s always something good to say.

Community Relations

Reinvesting into the community that your company calls home is an important part of doing business. But you’ll need to ensure that your community involvement activities are aligned with your company’s interests and mission. And, you’ll need to find ways to most effectively communicate and promote your program.

Social Media

With the pervasiveness of social media among consumers and companies alike, businesses have found a natural and effective channel to communicate and connect with target audiences while building the brand. Whether you simply need guidance on how to incorporate social media into your public relations plan or need full-time content creation, monitoring, paid advertising and influencer strategies, Obsidian can help guide the way.

Daily News Monitoring & Media Reporting

News today travels at the speed of “send,” “post” or “tweet.” With countless outlets spitting out multiple headlines per hour (and sometimes per minute), you need a team like ours monitoring and sifting through what’s important for your organization. It’s the best way to keep your colleagues informed of how you are making headlines, what the competition is up to and what’s happening in your industry.

Strategic Communications Planning

Any public relations strategy or tactic is only as good as the strategic communications plan that drives it ‒ meaning that planning is everything. One of the best ways to address problems, maximize opportunities or manage your company’s reputation is to take a strategic, research-based approach. Obsidian can develop a comprehensive communications plan designed specifically for your company and implement it with the results you need.

Crisis Preparation & Management

What is a crisis? Anything that can cause the success or failure of your business. And there are two ways to deal with a crisis. The right way and the wrong way. Much crisis work can be done proactively, easing tensions and allowing for better responses when a crisis actually occurs. When the fire does start kindling, let Obsidian’s crisis management team help your company communicate with key stakeholders and protect one of your company’s most precious assets ‒ its reputation.