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Overcoming first meeting fears

By | July 11, 2018

Starting a conversation with a stranger has always been harrowing for me. If I know in advance I’m going into a conversation with someone I don’t know, it’s almost worse. But, mastering the art of conversation is crucial. The first impression you make on someone can shape your entire relationship,... Read More »

R&R: Relationships and Reputation

By | July 10, 2014

Pull out your old college textbook and the definition of public relations might say something like “managing relationships with various publics or stakeholders.” In 2012, the Public Relations Society of America revised an earlier definition from a few decades ago and stated that public relations is “a strategic communications process... Read More »

Desk Etiquette

By | June 10, 2014


My intention for this blog post was to write about the 10 must-have items on your desk. However, while researching that topic, I came across a more interesting subject to write about: what not to have on your office desk. When you think about office desk etiquette, you may have... Read More »

You don’t know what you don’t know.

By | June 05, 2014

This month, I’ll have been in the workforce full-time for five years. And how that time has flown. I still learn something new every day. And when I look back, I realize how much of what I do didn’t even exist while I was in college. They certainly didn’t teach... Read More »

The juice was definitely worth the squeeze

By | June 03, 2014

As I stood there in the middle of FedExForum about this time last year with my fellow University of Memphis undergrads and we all moved our tassels from the right to the left side of our caps, my eyes started to well up with tears and it hit me, “This... Read More »

Is it time for a website redo?

By | May 29, 2014

An organization’s website is oftentimes the first or second impression for a new customer, and if the site is outdated, dysfunctional or unorganized, it could be the No. 1 reason customers aren’t calling. The Obsidian team recently attended a PRSA Memphis luncheon where Amanda Mauk, digital marketing manager at Le... Read More »

Snapchat: Join the conversation early

By | May 27, 2014

Snapchat, the popular social media app that allows users to send pictures and up-to-10-second videos to a controlled list of recipients, has gained exponential popularity over the last 18 months, causing consumer brands to take notice. Yet, brands have been slower to join the Snapchat scene because it offers no... Read More »

Pinterest – a secret shame or helpful promotional tool?

By | May 22, 2014

I am a frequent user of the social media platform Pinterest. If you are not familiar with this platform, Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. For more information, click here. This platform can be utilized in many ways for personal or business use. As a... Read More »

Mothers Teach Us So Much…

By | May 20, 2014

Not too long ago, most of us set aside a day to honor our mothers. Depending on your life circumstances, this could have been a joyous or a difficult occasion. My perspective on motherhood up to this point in life has been almost entirely shaped by my own mother –... Read More »

Saying ‘Strategic’ May be a Cliché, but Thinking Strategically Isn’t.

By | May 08, 2014

During this past holiday season, I received an email from LinkedIn with a headline saying something along the lines of, “Thomas, you have the word ‘strategic’ in your bio. More than 35,000 other people use this word. Stand out now by upgrading your account.” So, this got my attention. Without... Read More »