You need a PR pro at your holiday dinner

Halloween is behind us, and it’s officially the holiday season. With Thanksgiving and other festivities rapidly approaching, I know many people are nervous about uncomfortable holiday dinners and time spent with family. Topics from politics to news and general life can spark controversy around the holiday ham, but I can guarantee your table will be better off with at least one public relations professional present. Here’s why:

Public relations professionals help guide the conversation.

Any PR person will understand the need to control the conversation in business, and the same can be said around the table. Your friend in public relations will ensure topics are carefully curated to avoid drama. They’ll control the flow of discussion so seamlessly, you won’t even realize what they’re doing!

Public relations professionals help you say what you mean, in the best way possible.

Sometimes, the drama is unavoidable. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable for everyone! If you’re making a big announcement, or want to broach a hard subject, talk with your friend or relative that works in PR. They’ll be able to help you carefully craft points and arguments to help you feel prepared and at ease. Plus, you’ll have an ally at the table who can add positive points to rally support!

Public relations professionals are great at finding the good news in every story.

When the conversation goes down the drain or gets especially negative, the public relations professional at the table will be the first person to point out the silver lining and steer the conversation away from the heavy stuff. They’re the person that can rescue the dinner before pie is served.

Public relations professionals understand confidentiality agreements.

When the family is together, people make announcements. And there is usually a level of secrecy involved. If you’re the one with a big announcement, confide in your PR ally. Professionals in public relations are privy to all sorts of confidential information that they use to do their work. They’ll keep your secret, give you peace of mind, and may even help you set the stage for a seamless announcement.

Let me close by saying this – much of what I’ve just written is said in jest. If you’re preparing for a difficult holiday season, I’m thinking of you. Family is a loose term, especially around the holidays. It’s important to surround yourself with people who love and support you, regardless of their biological connection to you. I’m wishing you the best, most comfortable Thanksgiving and holiday season possible.