Campaigns that evoke thankfulness

Kleenex are in short supply around my house between seasonal allergies and the holiday commercials that have now taken over the airwaves. I’m a sucker for a commercial that tugs at the heartstrings, so much so that  I have to leave the room during P&G’s Olympics spots. But, there are some really heartwarming holiday ads out there, and in the spirit of thankfulness, I wanted to share them with you today.

Macy’s out-of-this-world holiday commercial

Family is one of the things to be most thankful for during the holidays, and being separated from the people you love is one of the hardest burdens people face. Macy’s highlighted the magic of small things in their 2018 holiday commercial that shows the special connection between a mother and a daughter who are (literally) worlds apart.


Grandma goes digital with Xfinity

Your grandparents’ home can be cozy yet poorly connected during the holidays. Xfinity stepped in to change the connection issues, bringing the family even closer. This ad from 2016 stuck with me, probably because my Mimi could use an internet upgrade!


Facebook portal makes family seem close during the holidays

Though this isn’t technically a holiday themed commercial, it’s no coincidence that Facebook started ads for it’s new device, the Facebook portal, during the holiday seasons. More than just a tablet, the Portal allows you to do hands-free video conferencing and move about your room as the camera follows you. Baking pumpkin pie with your out-of-town relatives just got a whole lot easier. Too bad you can’t send smells through Wi-Fi!


Publix mixes up the right ingredients for a tear-jerker

Grandma’s back, but this time she’s whipping up her stuffing (no Wi-Fi required). After years of hosting, she’s passed down her recipes and traditions to her children and grandchildren. Though the food is great, the sweetest sight is her family together, around a table.