All aboard the podcast hype train!

Move over TV and radio, there’s a new sheriff in town. With most of our news and entertainment moving to streaming platforms, brands have been revamping their communication strategies, and you should too. Podcasts are changing the way we look at earned media, and they have some pretty significant benefits. Here’s why brands are starting to hop on the podcast bandwagon. 

What’s your story? 

People love stories. And, one of the pillars of PR is to ensure our clients’ messages are being heard. Podcasts are one of the best tools to use to help a brand, organization or individual share their story – and the best part is, they’re almost always super casual, which opens the door for a more authentic, personal conversation. Because of the setting, listeners become more engaged. They aren’t necessarily listening to a rehearsed advertisement or reading a writer’s interpretation of the interview subject’s answers. Instead, they are a part of a discussion that allows them to better understand, connect and trust the person they’re hearing. 

Build your brand

Podcasts are a great way for PR pros to help their clients build a rapport and deeper brand understanding with target audiences. Whether your client wants to promote a product, raise awareness or improve their reputation, podcasts can help their target message reach new audiences. When it comes to pitching podcasts, hosts often look to interview people that resonate with their listeners, so do your research and find podcasts that align with your audience goals! Pro tip: As you’re browsing podcasts, carefully read each description and listen to which guests have recently been interviewed and topics they’ve discussed.

Pitching to podcasts

Once you’ve done the research and you’re ready to move forward, consider these three elements when formatting your pitch. 

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