Promote U: Creating a content plan

Welcome to the first post in a series from Obsidian’s Promote University – or “Promote U” – the ins and outs of promoting yourself, your product or your business through creative, original content. This post focuses on creating a content plan, which may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually an enjoyable (and essential) part of any content management plan.

Step 1: List available channels for distributing your content.

It’s tempting to start the process of building a content plan with a list of topics. However, a better place to start is to create a list of channels where you will distribute your content.

To get started, think of all of the places your audience gets information about your business – your website, blog, newsletters, emails, social media or other publications your company produces. Then, look for avenues you could add or need to capitalize on more.

Step 2: List possible topics for various pieces of content.

Now, it’s time to think about the content. And, the more ideas you can jot down, the better, so you always have a well of ideas!

Step 3: Set publication dates.

This is where you map out the channels and topics together on a calendar or spreadsheet organized by when you want to publish the content. Once you get started on the content plan, you will be amazed at the ways you find to cross-promote and repurpose your content, and you will be shocked at how quickly it fills up.

A final tip is to be sure to include deadlines for yourself in the plan to ensure you stick to the schedule and generate content on a consistent basis.

This blog post originally appeared on the Greater Memphis Chamber’s blog. To view the original post, click here.