Three local products to try in 2020

Memphis has long been known as a food city, but did you know its food products are pretty impressive, too?! From sweet treats to ones that pack heat, there’s something for everyone here in the Bluff City. Follow me here.

Shotwell Candy Co.’s Caribbean Coconut Caramels

I may eat a salad for dinner, but I never skip dessert. It’s all about balance, right? When the clock strikes 8:30 p.m. (if you know me, you know that’s when I eat dessert every day of my life), I turn to Shotwells Candy Co.’s Coconut Caramels to get my fix. They are full of flavor, velvety in texture and just so sinfully good. I have been known to put these bad boys in a cup of hot chocolate, but they are fantastic all on their own, as well. If coconut isn’t your thing, don’t fear. Shotwell Candy Co. has traditional flavors and other fun seasonal flavors available. We love this local company so much at Obsidian that we gave boxes of Shotwell treats to our entire client base last Christmas!

Wolf River Popcorn

Now, I love all their flavors, but if you’re going to pick just one, go for the Memphis Spicy Mix. I love all things spicy, so I naturally go for this flavor. For those who like things with a little less kick, there’s Memphis Mild Mix that includes less cayenne pepper, too. To make this fabulous concoction, the Wolf River Popcorn Company wizards start with non-GMO corn popped in pure coconut oil. That alone gets points from me! Then, they coat some kernels with caramel and others with a nine-spice blend. Throw both those popcorn pieces in one bag and you get Memphis Spicy Mix and Memphis Mild Mix. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, y’all!

Imagine Vegan Cafe’s Ranch

I know I live in the barbecue capital of the world, but Imagine Vegan Cafe’s Ranch is something else. It all started when I fell in love with a special dish from City Silo Table + Pantry that I wanted to start recreating at home. The dish includes vegan ranch dressing. Where on earth does a girl in Memphis, Tennessee, find vegan ranch? Cordelia’s Market, of course. To be honest, I have never eaten at Imagine Vegan Cafe, but I have heard of the restaurant and trust Cordelia’s Market so I gave it a whirl. Put it on a salad, dip your pizza in it, maybe even your chicken nuggets and fries. As a religiously healthy eater, I eat some weird things that most of you probably wouldn’t like. But this sauce…just trust me on this one.

Well, now I’m hungry and counting down the minutes until 8:30 p.m. Give these three Memphis-made products a try. You, and the hard working entrepreneurs behind each one, will be glad you did. Happy eating!