When to join a movement

In this digital era, movements on social media are flourishing. Especially during these unprecedented times, establishing meaningful connections virtually is essential for brands. Millennials have been dubbed the “crusader generation” for a reason – if they connect with and believe in a campaign or a movement, they’ll take it and run with it. As a brand, whether or not to chime in on popular social, cultural or political discussions is a difficult decision because your business’s contribution has to make sense for your brand. 

Not all movements on social media create large social changes – some are just for entertainment! So, whether it’s fundraising, lobbying or jumping in on a popular hashtag, your business will want to take the time to justify why you’re jumping on the bandwagon. Ask yourself these questions to get started. 

Am I doing this just because? 

Don’t join a movement just because you can. The last thing you want is for your involvement to come across as a marketing ploy. The way to determine whether your contribution could be seen as a marketing tactic is to ask what you actually stand for as a company. What are your values? What is your mission? Does all of this connect with the movement you’re looking to join? If there isn’t a clear connection, it might be best to take a back seat.   

Will my followers care? 

Your social media presence is an extension of your brand, and posting irrelevant content can damage how your audience views your company and can contribute to follower loss. If your audience sees your involvement in a certain campaign or movement as inauthentic, their brand loyalty will certainly decline.  

Can I link product with impact?

When it comes to joining a movement, your brand will see the greatest impact if you’re able to create a clear association between your products or services and your cause. The stronger that link is, the easier it is to rally your troops – whether that’s your customers or your employees.

Social media is a powerful communications tool, but brands must be authentically aligned with any movement, campaign or cause they choose to take part in. Remember, your audience is privy to marketing manipulation! Make sure you take all the necessary steps to ensuring your involvement in a movement causes your brand to soar – instead of completely flop.