OPR’s leading ladder-climber – Lauren Hannaford


In today’s corporate culture, tenured employees are few and far between. Gone are the days when a recently graduated young professional takes a job and stays with the company for the remainder of his or her career. But, there are a few rare gems that find a career path and stick with it, and we’re lucky to have one of these employees in our office.

Lauren Hannaford started with Obsidian as an intern during the height of the 2008 economic downturn. Not deterred by her entry-level position and national economic hardships that were deeply affecting businesses, Lauren worked diligently to earn a professional spot on the team. Over the last decade, Lauren has held every role that Obsidian has (literally, every one), and has a wealth of knowledge about our firm and its history.

She now serves as our director of client services, a fitting role for our resident OPR expert. In her role, she oversees all of our accounts, many of which she once managed. Her career path is an interesting one, and in this month’s spotlight, she’ll share that journey with you.