The strong bond brewed between coffee and work

No matter what coffee shop I drive or walk by, Starbucks, Sip | Stir Café, etc., there are always people working, studying and conducting meetings at the coffee shop. This recently intrigued me and I stared wondering what it is that draws people to coffee shops and how they’ve turned into the modern working space even when you have an office. Not all work environments allow for working outside the office, or “coffee shop days,” but those that do may increase the creativity in their employees. Here are a few reasons why it might be great to try working at a coffee shop one or two days every month.

Change of environment = stimulates creativity.After so long in an office environment it typically becomes routine. Routine isn’t a bad thing, but creative thinking, motivation and inspiration can dwindle without someone realizing it happening. Changing your environment, even for a day, brings new types of ideas and stimulation to increase motivation and productivity.

Fewer distractions in a bustling area. It seems strange to think that more interaction creates less distraction, but the majority of the time a quite office can be more distracting. The coffee shop environment combines the benefit of obscurity with the dull buzz of excitement and interaction. You’re able to have human interaction when you want and not when someone request it from you in the office.

Networking possibilities. Saying hello, people watching or meeting someone new most of the time provides new ideas, a different perspective for different situations, or an interesting connection to a new person. Never hurts to hold a five-minute conversation that may lead to a story idea, published article or potential client. 
Work and coffee will always have a strong bond and if you haven’t experienced it, give it a shot – never know what ideas will come next for your clients. And, out of curiosity through my  “working in a coffee shop” research, I found an interesting website:http://coffitivity.com/. It’s actually an app that produces coffee shop sounds to boost creativity while you’re in the office – great for those who can’t leave the work space, but want to experience the “creative buzz.” 
A few more tips: 
  1. Rotate coffee shops if there are a few near each other to avoid a routine. 
  2. Purchase a coffee or two. The owners and employees will notice and will acknowledge you appreciate their space for your business. 
  3. Make sure your computer is powered up or you have your power cord –you’ll need it if your there for half a day or longer.