How do you create great content? Let your customers decide.

How do you decide what to share in your email marketing or social media? 

If you’re like the average person, you see more emails, text messages, social posts and ads than you know what to do with. You probably rarely make the effort to unsubscribe or unfollow, but you also rarely engage. 

If you’re like the average business owner, you may believe your information isn’t subject to that same scrutiny. Yours is different! Yours is better! Isn’t it? It might be. But if you want to be sure it is, let the data tell you. 

Are you the customer? Find out who is. 

You may have an iPhone, and most of your friends and family may have iPhones. But only about half of smartphone users do. Don’t assume none of your potential customers use Androids just because you don’t know anyone who does.

In order to properly communicate with your audience, you’ve got to first know who they are. Look in a few places to gather this information. 

Don’t take it personally. Let the numbers do the talking.

Your content ideas might fall flat. That doesn’t always mean it’s terrible, but it might mean it’s not targeted appropriately or that your personal preferences don’t match up with your audience’s. So let your customers do the talking. 

Be open to change. 

Sometimes, if you were wrong about your expectations or if your numbers are low, the evaluation and analytics process can feel deflating. Don’t let it! Every evaluation is an opportunity. And the sooner you improve, the better. If you don’t adjust with your audience, you may lose them forever. Just like in hiring and employment, retaining customers is much easier than attracting new ones. Properly streamlining your content can make it both more effective and more efficient. It’s never too late to start.