Creating brand loyalists through authentic messaging

Do you want customers or clients coming back for your services or products again and again? One way to establish a loyal customer base is by creating brand loyalists – but what is that, exactly?

According to Hubspot, brand loyalty is the dedication felt toward a brand that pushes customers to consistently buy your products and/or services, regardless of competitors, price or convenience. It’s about building community, connection and trust. Customers not only trust your product but your brand as a whole. 

If you’re looking to develop brand loyalists, one way to start is through genuine, authentic messaging surrounding your product and brand. 

Develop a brand identity

Brand identity is more than a logo or an aesthetic Instagram feed. The Branding Journal describes it as the unique characteristics influencing a brand’s personality, appearance and behavior. It is the core of the brand itself, created by the company (not by the public’s perception of the brand or “brand image”). For example, think about your personal identity and how it sets you apart from your peers. The same can be said about a brand’s identity – it’s what makes you special!

When establishing your brand identity, ruminate on what differentiates you from your competitors. How and why was your business started? Are you meeting a need in your community? What do you want customers to know about your business? All of these questions should be answered to determine the foundation of your brand identity.

Create an active community through engagement

Once your brand identity is established, it’s important to maintain those tenets throughout all communication you distribute. Whether it’s a national advertisement or a social media response, your brand voice and how you leverage it to engage with consumers are key factors in developing brand loyalists.

Let’s say you run a restaurant and someone shared a negative review about their experience. Responding in a timely manner that demonstrates your concern and willingness to learn and correct the mistake can create repeat customers. Plus, word-of-mouth recommendations are often the best advertisements! Creating a community that sees and knows you care establishes your place in the market and can help you stand out from your competition. 

Establish trustworthy influencers, spokespeople or brand ambassadors

Did you know Shopify estimates roughly 69% of consumers trust influencer marketing? Establishing an influencer marketing campaign or integrating messages from a known local celebrity can widen your audience and demonstrate the staying power of your business. 

The best thing is influencer marketing can take all shapes and forms. You could partner with a local school – students who make all As could receive a free milkshake or anyone who brings in a ticket stub from the school play could receive a percentage off their bill. If a local news anchor is a regular, you could discuss the possibility of them recording a video showing their support for your boutique. Consider hosting social media giveaways and ask the winner to post their prize online. There are larger scale opportunities as well for those who have the budget to pay an influencer for a review or gift products or services. 

In short, the key to creating brand loyalists is authenticity. Your customers or consumers can tell when you’re being disingenuous. Focus on being yourself and let your product or service speak for itself! If you’re interested in learning more about developing your brand identity, engaging with your audience or establishing relationships with influencers, contact Obsidian Public Relations today!