Catch up with Taylor

Taylor is a jack of all trades – from brand management and podcast hosting to figuring out new technology and being an excellent dog-mom and (soon-to-be) baby mom – she is constantly impressing all of us with her skills and quick wit. Not to mention, there is no one better to chat with about your favorite binge-worthy shows, books or podcasts! We’re lucky to know her. Now, you can get to know her a bit more too! 

Ok, brand manager, here’s a question for you. PR pros have to determine which platforms are best for which clients – not every company/brand needs to be on every platform. What is your advice on how to best address this with your team/your clients?

I think this advice is applicable not only to this question, but to most things in life. Know your audience. If you’re not able to read the room, your jokes will fall flat. If you can’t discern how the people in an intimate conversation know each other, you’re bound to say something you regret. The same goes for joining a new platform. Who is your business trying to reach? The beauty of social and digital media is that you’re able to meet people where they are. I don’t ascribe to the “if you build it, they will come” mantra for social media. Go where your customers, clients, donors and followers are.  

I know we’ve all exhausted our streaming services this past year. What shows have you come across that are worth a binge? 

I don’t know if it’s working from home or some other factor that’s made me feel this way, but for the past six months, the LAST thing I want to do when I sign off from my small screen at the end of the day is to tune into a larger one for a bingeing session. With that being said, I am a sucker for a good period piece. The more British, the better. I have been slowly meandering through Poldark on Amazon Prime. It’s a PBS Masterpiece Classic that I would describe as sitting somewhere between Downton Abbey and Wuthering Heights. It’s not everyone’s bag, but it surely is mine! 

What is one new social media trend you’ve noticed and are excited to see grow or learn more about? 

The rise of TikTok. I wholeheartedly believe that it is the best social media platform out there currently. That doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for all, or even most, businesses (see question one). But I’m starting to see brands reuse content that was clearly created for TikTok on Instagram Reels and Facebook Videos. It makes me chuckle to myself that my friends who are staunchly anti-TikTok send me funny, helpful or interesting videos on other platforms without even realizing that it’s been circulating on TikTok for two months. If you’re not on the platform, what are you waiting for? Even my social-media averse dad found a corner of the app he loves. 

You’re given the opportunity to build your ideal office space – what does it look like/include? 

This is so tough! I’ve been doing some redesigning at my home, and that has forced me to think about my style and zone in on what I appreciate about a space. I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist, but I definitely appreciate an environment that is full of functionality and clear of clutter. I think I would lean toward natural materials, soft colors and an integrated, but cord-free, tech setup. A girl’s got to have her big screens! 

You’ve accomplished a lot in your time at Obsidian! What is one accomplishment you’re most proud of? 

In all honesty, proving to myself that I can do “it.” I came to Obsidian a bit defeated. I had, for most of my life, excelled at things that I put my time and effort into. But my first job out of college was equal parts challenging and humbling. I was 22 and leading a life that was far from what I envisioned. I moved cities for a boy and got married at 23 – two things I swore I would never do. But through all of that, I found Obsidian, where I was able to hone my craft, try new things, meet some really great people, fail (hopefully, gracefully) and become more of the person I actually am and less of the person I projected as a stargazing twenty-something. 

If you could choose a celebrity to play you in a biopic, who would it be? Do you have any actors in mind to play Nathan? (LOL)

I’m going to make my selections entirely based on personality. Bear that in mind when I pick two beautiful people to play very normal-looking Memphians! To play me, I would choose Anna Kendrick. I think her humor is dry and similar to mine, and she could embody the snark that I hide at work but wield generously in my personal life. Plus, if I were to use a little Hollywood magic to enhance one of my skills that is sorely lacking, it would be singing. I think I would have Chris Pratt play Nathan. Nathan is a lovable, happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t realize how funny he is. He’s the least pretentious and most pure person I know. I think Chris Pratt could nail that. 

What is the most helpful kind of support you can receive from your team?

Candor. In almost all areas of my life, I’m driven by logic and a strong desire to do things well. It’s pretty challenging to actually hurt my feelings. I despise indirect, passive feedback. Candid, honest conversations about what’s working and what isn’t helps me go into problem-solving mode. I think that’s where I do my best work. This is challenging to ask from Southerners who, with the best of intentions, like to couch feedback with well-deserved and genuine niceties. But sometimes, the South Florida in me wants to shout “Let’s get to the point so we can make things better!”