Media training 101 

Even the most seasoned professionals need a little guidance every now and then, don’t they? This is especially true when it comes to speaking with the media. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to responding to tough questions from reporters, but there are pointers to take into account that can help those in the public eye put their best foot (and answer!) forward. 

Why should I talk to the media?

Facing reporters gives you the opportunity to build your brand, control the message, avoid assumptions, build relationships and more. Not talking to the media does the opposite. Media and the general public can run wild with their own narratives that can harm your reputation and that of the organization you represent.

What does media training entail?

All media trainings share a common goal – prepare the seasoned vet, the novice and everyone in between for the difficult and the breezy interviews. 

A little background

Before diving into mock interviews, our team likes to go over some background information. Think about things like the importance of nonverbal/verbal communication and message alignment. Understanding that what’s not said carries more weight than what is said is crucial to successful interviews. Message alignment is equally important because trust cannot be built without the consistency it brings.

Formula for success

Once a firm foundation is laid, it’s time to dig into a communication formula we developed. This road map helps our clients easily navigate any question or scenario. We also discuss various situations that could arise in a conversation with reporters. From hypothetical questions to the “off the record” trap, trainees gain a better understanding of what to expect.

Mock interviews

Practice makes perfect, so every media training includes mock interviews. This gives trainees the opportunity to put everything they’ve learned to the test.   

Who should participate in media training?

Media training is essential for those preparing to face reporters for the first time and for experienced spokespeople looking to hone their skills. Professionals from all walks of life fit the bill. Attorneys, health care providers, CEOs, athletes – I could go on – could be subject to media interviews at some point. 

Interested in participating in one of our media trainings? Connect with us. We can help get you ready for the media spotlight.