5 Tactics for Improving LinkedIn Business Profiles

When growing your brand, it’s important to have a strong online presence. Social media tends to get pushed to the back burner behind more important things like budgets, meetings, planning, etc. However, your company’s social presence is important, too! To establish your business as the go-to in your field, it is important to keep all social platforms up to date, but for this post, let’s just focus on one—LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest networking service for professionals with more than 433 million users spanning the globe. It’s also become a hotspot for millennials, who are using it as a job-searching tool. According to LinkedIn.com, students and recent college graduates are the fastest-growing demographic for the site with more than 40 million users.

The primary goal of updating a LinkedIn business profile for your company is to broaden and strengthen its online presence. With more than two new users joining LinkedIn every second (and the potential that could come from the platform’s recent acquisition by Microsoft), ensuring your company’s profile information is accurate is imperative to its success.

Here are five tactics to tackle when updating your business’ LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: Build consistency and presence.
Ensure all employees have up-to-date LinkedIn pages. Each person employed by your company becomes an extension of the brand when they list their place of work, as it links back to the company’s page.

Step 2: Showcase relevancy.
Publish all news stories about the company to the profile as they become available online.

Step 3: Be present.
Share industry news articles on local and national trends that relate to the industry, and add original content from your company’s blog to showcase expertise.

Step 4: Engage.
Join and participate in groups to stay on top of current trends and business challenges.

Step 5: Network.
It’s called a ‘social networking’ platform for a reason. Elevate your business profile by using your individual profile to establish relationships with targeted individuals who are potential clients, referral sources, members of the media or prospective employees. Share posts from the business profile to your individual profile regularly.

This originally posted on the Small Business Council Big Ideas blog on 7/27/2016.