Catch up with Gracie

From a socially savvy intern to a full-fledged account executive, Gracie has shown that when it comes to taking charge and leading her accounts, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Whether you need your event to go off without a hitch, or you’re in need of some TLC during a crisis – she’s the kind of support you need. But outside of being a  rockstar PR pro, she’s always getting into something fun. What has she been up to lately? Let’s find out! 

At one point in time, there were several of us living Downtown. Now that’s sort of dissipated, but you’ve stayed strong! What’s your favorite part about living Downtown? 

How much time do you have? There are so many things I love about living Downtown – specifically the South Main area! There are constant opportunities to enjoy live music; meet other Downtowners; shop local goods; try new restaurants and bars; explore new rooftops etc. I have no plans to move away from Downtown any time soon!   

You recently celebrated five years at OPR. What’s one piece of advice or lesson learned that you wish you could go back and tell the intern version of yourself?

I would say – don’t limit yourself. Don’t just focus on completing the tasks you’re assigned. Remaining up to date with the new trends in the industries you work in is crucial. As you’re working to develop professionally, it’s extremely helpful if you go deeper than simply checking off the tasks on your to-do list. Read the news, listen to podcasts and consume as much knowledge as you can!

Now that restrictions are being lifted and things are starting to open back up, what does your ideal weekend look like?

You can catch me enjoying a South Main Trolley Night, relaxing at a Downtown pool with friends or trying out a fun local eatery or bar. I’m really looking forward to tryingGood Fortune Co. when they open (a new ramen and dumpling restaurant on South Main!) 

You’ve worked your way from intern to junior level positions to now an account leader position, so I’m sure you’ve touched all sorts of different tasks. What has been your favorite or most memorable project?

The most memorable project I’ve worked on was definitely handling the PR for American Paper Optics, leading up to the solar eclipse in 2017. APO is the manufacturer of the special glasses everyone had to wear in order to safely watch the eclipse. Whitney and I worked on the project for about a year before the big event took place, and it was so rewarding when the day finally came! Even though a huge cloud covered the eclipse right as it was happening (just my luck!), it was still a really neat experience I won’t forget.  

Let’s talk Spotify. Who are your top three most listened to artists? 

Post Malone, Taylor Swift and a few country artists (I mainly listen to country in the summer while I’m at the beach or on a lake!) 

Several team members have some sort of unique specialty or are entrenched in a niche field. What would you say you specialize in? 

I mainly work on restaurant, hospitality and education accounts, so I would say that’s what I specialize in! Through my work in the restaurant and hospitality industries, I’ve gained a lot of experience with grand openings. And, through my work with my education clients, I’ve been able to work on several crisis communication projects. 

If you were giving an out of towner advice on where to go out and grab drinks on the weekend, where would you recommend? 

I have a list in the Notes app on my phone with local recommendations I typically send people’s way, including BABALU, Moxy Memphis Downtown, BarWare, Slider Inn, South of Beale, Loflin Yard, Bishop, Longshot – the list goes on and on!