Must-have tech tools for marketers – communication edition

Technology has taken over the world (mostly). That’s abundantly clear in marketing, where the way we communicate was unfathomable a generation ago. If you’re working in this industry, there are some key tech tools you need to know about. In my last post, we talked about those that make basic design easier. In this one, we’ll focus on how we talk with each other. 

I started working from home in 2013. When everyone else joined me in 2020, it became clear that there were as many communication avenues as there are preferences on how to use them. That said, there are a few things that stand out and that will streamline all your communications. 

Conference line

I call this one “old faithful.” Notice I didn’t call it reliable. I used conference lines all the time from 2013 until March 2020. But the service became inundated when everyone else started working from home. It seems to have recovered, but it’s worth noting that this shouldn’t be your only option to connect. 

That said, conference lines are great if you have more than three people on the phone…or if you don’t want to share your phone number for some reason. I use one from FreeConferenceCall.com. If you’ve got additional needs, like to record your calls, you may need something with a few more features. 

Video conference tools

Are you so tired of Zoom yet? It’s not going anywhere. But Zoom isn’t the only thing out there. My favorite is Google Meet, but that’s mainly because I’m on Google all day. There are plenty of other options, like Ring Central and Microsoft Teams, among others. 

When you’re considering your options, look at features like:

Cloud storage and sharing

I live in Louisiana, home of all the hurricanes. It’s really important to me that my data is secure in a non-physical location. But that’s also important for my office…which is in Memphis. They need access to my files just like I need access to theirs. Enter the cloud. It regularly backs up files, and we can share things with each other and our clients without sending massive email attachments. 

Everyone knows about Google Drive and DropBox. But there are lots of others out there. Find your favorite! 

If you’re reaching the end of this and thinking “What about Slack?!” or “She forgot my favorite one,” I know! There are a ton of them. There are secure chat functions and cloud-based collaboration tools and countless other things you may not even know you need. But that’s the beauty of technology. If you need it, it might exist. (And until it does, I’ll keep imagining there’s a real Rosie the Robot to clean my house.)