Meet our level 2 intern, Addison Walker!

Each season, our office welcomes newcomers to the front desk in the form of interns. At Obsidian, our intern-to-full-time pipeline is one of our greatest sources of pride and PR talent. To say we take our internship program seriously would be an understatement!

This winter, we added Addison Walker to our intern roster. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Addison found her way to Memphis after getting married in late 2018. She hails (pun intended) from one of our region’s strongest PR programs – Mississippi State University. We’re excited to have her in the office, and can’t wait to introduce her to you!

After spending so much time on the interstate in Memphis, I definitely miss how close together everything was in Starkville. Above all, I miss Stromboli’s pizza. Oh, and I guess my friends, too.

I wish I learned a little more about crisis communication. It’s something that seems to come up everywhere, especially in today’s media cycle. I’m intrigued by the different ways you can approach a crisis.

Although I haven’t been in Memphis long, I love that there is always something going on! There’s always something to do and always somewhere delicious to eat!

I love creating any type of social media post! Social media is one of my favorite things (I promise I’m not shallow). I love how fast-paced and fun it can be, while also being insightful and informative. It’s amazing how differently social media can be used and how differently posts can be crafted depending upon the audience.

This statement never makes me very popular, but I’m a total cat person. I love my cat, but she could take me or leave me, so it really puts me in my place.

I love going on long runs on Saturday mornings and going to visit friends and family.

Honorable yet, more embarrassing, mention: Watching an entire Netflix series in three days.

As a recent graduate, all of this is so new to me. So maybe I bring a somewhat fresh perspective to Obsidian. And, my eagerness to learn.  

My mom always told me growing up (especially during those self-conscious pre-teen years) that, “No one is ever thinking about you as much as you think they are.” It helps me not to worry so much about other people’s possible opinions. I can walk into a room wondering if everyone thinks my outfit is cute or not, but the truth is, they’re too worried about what they’re wearing to even notice my new (very cute) shoes.

If you want to learn more about Obsidian’s internship program, visit the internship and careers page of our website! We have a number of intern testimonials that detail what you might expect to learn as an Obsidian intern.