Polished PR writing is an extension of your brand’s voice

Hiring a public relations firm to craft and perfect your organization’s voice has countless advantages. The differences between PR writing and other narrative styles can be quite different. If you’ve ever read a news release, media advisory or a blog on a company’s website authored by a PR professional, a few industry customs might jump out at you. Perhaps you never learned AP style and are frightened by the lack of an Oxford comma. Maybe you notice the simple, concise sentences. These tactics are all in place for a reason: to send your message to the right audience. When you collaborate with a PR firm like Obsidian, here’s what you will notice about our approach to writing. 

It tells a story.

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. It’s our priority to create a narrative that puts the client on a pedestal. Whether it’s pitching to media outlets or creating an email newsletter, public relations writing should tell a good story. Even something seemingly “small” like an Instagram Reel should align with the overall narrative of the brand. True PR champions know this and will work to establish a cohesive voice for your company. 

It’s written with purpose.

Simply put, our role as PR professionals is to make you look good. In every piece of writing, the client is the main attraction. This can be a challenge because certain phrases like “cutting edge” or “once in a lifetime” turn reporters away. PR writing shines a spotlight without sounding too “sales-y” or forced. The goal is to inform others why they should care about your product or service or mission, not necessarily to sell a product, so finding the perfect balance is key. 

It’s proofread.

In the public relations field, credibility is everything. The last thing we want is for our client to look unpolished and grammatically sloppy. Every piece of content should be run by multiple sets of eyes and checked meticulously for errors. PR professionals everywhere will tell you that we live by the AP Stylebook. It’s updated frequently, so it’s important to stay on top of the new and adjusted entries. 

Of course, if there is a specific preference you require for spelling or grammar (like “healthcare” versus “health care”), we will accommodate you. However, PR writing is different for a reason. It helps you and your brand stand out and legitimizes your organization. Trust your PR team to make the right call for your brand’s voice.