Niche Audiences: Identify, Aim and Engage!

The success of any business can be directly attributed to how well the business understands its targeted audiences, for only then will the business be able to best serve (and communicate with) its audiences. However, being able to further drill down niche audiences – specialized segments of your targeted audiences that are best suited for particular services or products – can prove to be a very effective focus for growing your business as well.

Search out the statistics. Start with the obvious/easily attainable statistics. What do you know about this specific demographic in relation to your services or products now? What statistics are available regarding how this specific demographic interacts, communicates or engages in general?

Execute additional research. Dig deeper and gather as much data as you can on your niche demographic – who they are, what they like, where they can be found online, etc. Find out how other brands are successfully reaching these audiences. And, don’t forget to execute your own research – survey them! Paid research can be one of your best investments in business.

Aim and engage. Dedicate specific efforts or teams to this niche audience. Create communication tactics that speak only to them. Show up [strategically] where you’ve discovered they are – even if you’ve never been there before (ex. Snapchat). If you have done your research and know this audience well, it will show in your efforts, and you will catch their attention. Then, be prepared to engage appropriately.

You can have multiple niche audiences, of course, but it’s important to maintain individual dedication to each in a specialized way.