Meet our new Obsidianite, Taylor McCormick!

We’ve got a new member on our full-time team at Obsidian PR! Taylor McCormick joined our team as an account assistant at the firm this spring after moving to Memphis from Nashville, Tennessee. So, let’s get to know her a little better!

Memphis is quite a bit different than the South Florida beach town where you grew up. What drew you to our city? 

Saying that Memphis is different from South Florida would be an understatement! But, my decision to leave the beach was a somewhat easy one. I would describe my upbringing as “Southern” even though the culture of my hometown had a predominantly Northern feel. When I went to Auburn, I found myself connecting to the people around me in a more meaningful way than I had in Florida, leading me to pursue career opportunities in the Southeast upon graduation. The first city I landed in was Nashville, and though I loved the food and exciting atmosphere, I found the home of country music didn’t feel like my forever home. I began taking trips to visit college friends and my boyfriend in Memphis, and I fell in love with the hard-working attitude of Memphians. That culture was something that I instantly connected with and wanted to join, so I began seeking opportunities to move and found Obsidian! Since my move, I have fallen for Memphis even more, and I attribute a lot of that love to the work I do with Obsidian. It is easy to love a city when you work every day to support the businesses that make this community special!

If you could spend a day doing anything, what would it be? 

My ideal morning would start at 7 a.m. with a big cup of coffee and an hour spent with a great book! Then, I’d probably lay out by the pool or go shopping, depending upon the weather. For me to feel like the day is complete, I’d need to get some sort of exercise! So, I would go for a run on the river or through some of my favorite neighborhoods. After my run, I’d love to spend the evening cooking a meal that I could share with my loved ones! And, to cap it all off, I would finish my day by enjoying a glass of wine and listening to my favorite pastime – talk radio.

You have a self-professed love of podcasts. What three podcasts do we need to tune into/download right now?

I actively listen to 12 weekly podcasts, and many more sporadically, so choosing only three is difficult! But, my current recommendations would be:

As an Auburn University grad, you’re adding to our football season rivalries this fall here at Obsidian. How do you like working with Bulldogs, Razorbacks and the other Tigers among us?

(For anyone who isn’t aware, those are mascots for Mississippi State, University of Arkansas, University of Memphis and Louisiana State University)

My father is an Auburn grad, so I was raised to be an Auburn fan in the heart of Florida Gator country. I quickly got used to the small jabs made by my UF-loving friends during football season and beyond. So, I’m no stranger to friendly sports banter! Above all else, I’m a supporter of the SEC, so it isn’t hard for me to cheer for the teams of my co-workers when they aren’t playing Auburn. Though, I will admit that I’m thankful that we don’t have any Alabama or Georgia graduates in the office…