It’s been a little spooky around here!

Greetings and Happy Halloween!

If you’ve been following us via Facebook or Twitter lately, you’ve seen that some serious specter shenanigans have been brewing over here the last few weeks. Our Obsidian ghosts have been busy providing some afterlife advice. Here’s a recap of the messages they’ve left on our front door, in addition to some more late-night whisperings we’ve heard.


1.    That ghostly silent treatment? The “no comment” position you’re holding. Yeah, that doesn’t work. Speak up if you want to be heard. If not, people will just make up spooky stories about you.

2.    Remember, appearance matters — even when you’re dead. Trade in those bed sheets for something more fashionable the next time you make a public appearance.

3.    Choose your medium very carefully. You don’t want just ANYONE talking to your family and friends on your behalf.

4.    Feeling a little invisible? PR can help!

5.    Tired of hanging around in the same old graveyard night after night? Don’t let yourself be a creature of habit. Mix it up a little and try something new.

6.    You’re rattling those chains to get people to listen to you, but are YOU listening to them?

7.    Tired of being such a loner? Teamwork can produce some wicked results. Find a ghostly agency to give you some hauntingly good ideas.

8.    Think before you moan – you don’t want people getting the wrong idea.

9.    Fess up when it’s your fault. Don’t blame the family cat for knocking down that candle.

10.    Timing is everything. No one’s going to attend a 7 a.m. séance.

11.    Results matter. What’s the use if you can’t scare anyone properly?

12.    Don’t be a spectating specter. Get involved and make a difference.

13.    Practice your spooky speak. Remember your role as a from-the-grave rep.

14.    Proofread. How embarrassing is it that you misspelled “boo” on the foggy window? Come on!

15.    Hanging around graveyards is SO 200 years ago. Find a new gig.

16.    Don’t be a pesky poltergeist. Scare strategically to make sure you’re reaching your intended victims.

17.    Even ghosts need to get social. Follow us… @ObsidianPR

18.    Don’t mask your true feelings. Be honest with your audience.

19.    Are victims not taking you seriously anymore? Are young girls hounding you rather than running from you? Stop blaming Hollywood and take control of YOUR image!

20.    Has your ghost story gotten old? Shake things up! Change haunts, glow a different color, or try a different scare tactic!

21.    Be consistent but not boo-ring. Your audience isn’t dead…YET!

22.    Don’t be left mourning a missed media opportunity! Stay on top of the trends and ahead of the news! You don’t want your only media coverage to come from the obituaries.

23.    Even the CDC has a crisis plan…for our undead friends’ Zombie Apocalypse! Do you?