Do what makes you happy – Fun things to do in Memphis this fall

I’ve adopted a motto – “do what makes you happy.” This revelation came to me one day after popping the top on a Sweet Leaf Peach Iced Tea, which includes a quirky or inspirational message under each bottle cap. I’ve kept this bottle cap and frequently flip it between my fingers as I sit and think at my desk. It’s a nice reminder to take a step back, relax and do something that makes you happy. It’s a necessary thing to do so that the stress of work and life doesn’t completely engulf you.

And, with fall being one of my favorite seasons, I’ve been looking forward to some of my favorite autumn Memphis events as well as some I’ve never attended! If you’re looking for a “do what makes you happy” outing, check these out:With that said, as culture ambassador, one of my favorite things to do is plan fun activities for our team. That may be a spending a couple hours out of the office to do something fun like go bowling at Bass Pro, volunteering at a wonderful local organization, having a potluck lunch or winding down the day with a happy hour. These are all things that fit my motto!