5 reasons you need to post Instagram Stories

Though they disappear after a quick 24 hours, Instagram Stories can have a lasting impact on your business page. With a more personal feel than regular feed posts, Stories give your followers another opportunity to engage with your company and get an all-access look at what you do. Most importantly, Instagram Stories reach more than 500 million users a day, meaning you’re missing out on a big audience if you’re not currently utilizing this convenient feature. Not convinced? Here are five major benefits of posting consistently on Instagram Stories.  

Build stronger connections

Stories on Instagram have a more intimate feel than static posts. Followers don’t perceive Stories in the same way they do static feed posts, with 47% of Instagram users saying Stories are a more authentic way to communicate. One reason for this is because of the real-time nature of Stories. Images or videos posted throughout the same 24-hour time period build upon each other and push your page to the front of the queue. If your account posts consistently, it could be the first page your followers see every time they open the app. 

Receive better engagement

Features like polls, questionnaires and link buttons make it easy for your audience to engage. One downside of Instagram is that static posts aren’t linkable, and not everyone will go through the trouble of clicking the “link in bio.” When you post quick links on your Stories or ask your followers to “swipe up,” the call to action is easy to follow. Surveys have shown 50% of users directly visited an account’s website to purchase a product they saw in a company’s story. 

Speak to your viewers

Around 70% of Stories are viewed with the sound on, making it a great opportunity to let followers know what your brand is about. This is a stark contrast from Reels, where 92% of users watch with the sound muted. Stories are the place to make a statement! Users are taking the time to listen, so use your Stories as a way to pitch your organization, product or service. 

Reach new audiences

Stories are pushed out to new audiences in the Explore tab, meaning you will reach new users who aren’t currently connected to your page. This is one way to boost your following and gain more eyes on your organization. Instagram shows your story content to users who are interested in similar pages to yours, which works in your favor. If your story captures the interest of users who follow similar content, they are likely to follow yours. 

Share the highlights

Highlights are a wonderful way to ensure your Stories make a lasting impression. By adding a story to your highlight reel, it now lives on your profile until you remove it. Creating an FAQ, about us or other product/business highlights gives your audience a glance at what you are all about without having to scroll down through your page. It’s a quick and accessible way to keep information on your page without having to post it over and over again. Highlights let you tell your brand’s story without being over the top and cluttering your page. 

The next step is putting these benefits into action. If you’re overwhelmed by the content creation process, don’t panic. PR firms can help. At Obsidian, social management is one of our strong suits, and we help many clients boost their social media content management plan. Partnering with a professional team lets you relax while we manage your account’s growth.