Inside OPR

The anniversary that was, and was again

If I’m being truly honest, reflecting over my fifth year at Obsidian is a little difficult because the past two years felt like they’ve melded into one. A movie that encompasses this feeling is “Groundhog Day.” But before you roll your eyes and think this is another cliche comparison to how we all felt during the pandemic, I want to reflect on how I personally grew over the past year, much like Bill Murray’s character at the end of the movie.

In March 2020, I remember celebrating my third Obsidian anniversary with my colleagues at the office, only to be sent home that same afternoon with no sign of returning. Fast forward one year later to my fourth anniversary, and we were all scrambling to get our vaccines and try returning to some semblance of normalcy. We temporarily returned to our South Main District office on a hybrid schedule, and I felt more motivated to reunite with loved ones, travel again and even celebrate monumental milestones. Unfortunately, things didn’t return back to normal as quickly as we had hoped, leaving many of us frustrated and confused, very similar to Phil Connors’ hopeless feeling midway through the film. However, I learned that instead of waiting for things in your life to get better, you have to make improvements yourself.

Like Phil Connors’ character arc, I learned to embrace what life offered me, like supportive colleagues, a loving family and solid friendships. I try now to make the most of every day and make an effort to be there for others. With the pandemic hopefully no longer hovering as the dark cloud over our heads as it once was, I’m excited to enter a new year at Obsidian and turn each calendar page with optimism and a continued drive to help and support those in my life, personally and professionally. I encourage you to do the same.