Taylor Jolley

Senior Account Manager and Director of Brand Content

The first 18 years of Taylor’s life were lived in a quiet South Florida town. Her childhood was spent on a beach, but when it was time to head to college, Taylor packed her bags and headed to the plains of Alabama. In 2015 she graduated from Auburn University with a degree in public relations and a minor in marketing.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Taylor moved to Nashville and started a business. While in Nashville, she met Nathan, her now-husband. He lived in Memphis, and after several trips to visit him, she realized that the Bluff City was a much better fit for her (and if we’re being honest, she knew he was a catch). In 2016, she landed a job with one of the most reputable PR firms in the city – Obsidian Public Relations.

Since relocating to Memphis, Taylor has embraced the Memphis culture. Working for Obsidian has allowed her to learn about organizations that are the lifeblood of Memphis. Taylor works with a number of nonprofit clients in sectors ranging from education to workforce development. 

You’re most likely to run into Taylor finding zen in her favorite yoga studio or lounging in a quaint coffee shop. She’s a podcast connoisseur, aspiring chef and proud dog mom.