Women’s History Month: Spotlighting OPR clients who empower women

Women’s History Month acknowledges the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. As an office full of ladies, as well as a company that has the opportunity to work with several organizations whose mission is to empower women, our team at Obsidian proudly recognizes and commemorates Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we’re spotlighting a few of our clients who invest in women through their work. 


Kristen and Lindsey Archer, two sister entrepreneurs who co-founded ARCHd, use their original photography and design to create handcrafted, home decor featuring prominent female figures and cities around the U.S. Every design they create is meant to celebrate women and the cities in which they live. For Kristen and Lindsey, their work is more than just creating home decor. ​​They strive to empower women – through their actions and art. Their commitment to equality is at the center of every decision they make as a company. And, that’s how they choose which women to illustrate. They focus on women who share the same values as they have and whose work supports the fight for equal rights. 

Sister Supply

Co-founders Nikii Richey and Eli Cloud started Sister Supply in 2015 when Eli heard about a homeless woman who had stumbled into a local business after hours. The woman was so covered in blood that the security guard thought she had been injured. In reality, she didn’t have the necessary supplies to help her while on her period. Nikii and Eli now work with schools, medical facilities, outreach centers and other organizations to provide period products to menstruators who are oftentimes unable to afford it. 

Wellness & Stress Clinic

The Wellness and Stress Clinic provides low-income residents of Memphis with the resources needed to improve their physical and emotional health. The organization was founded by Pastor Dianne Young – a Black female pastor whose calling to the ministry extended from the pulpit and into the community. In caring for her congregation, she quickly learned that her parishioners needed physical and emotional support to grow and learn spiritually. Thus, the Wellness and Stress Clinic was formed. From free primary care to social work and case management to emotional fitness to legal services, their team works to ensure women and all people have access to quality care, which will then lead to improved health for their children and family members. 

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