Winter is Coming… PR Lessons from Game of Thrones

I hopped on the bandwagon. I’ve gotten completely swept up in HBO’s Game of Thrones. I love the costumes (I’m a chick), the storylines and the DRAGONS! Whether you’re trying to take back the Iron Throne or just boost your company’s bottom line, there are some interesting PR lessons we can all take away from the show.Dracarys!
  1. Know your audience: Whether you’re talking to customers or trying to build an army, this is critical. And Kraznys, a slave merchant in Astaphor, learned it the hard way – courtesy of Daenerys Targaryen! When Kraznys tried to cut a deal and get one of Dany’s dragons, he bartered in Valeryian, a language he assumed she didn’t know. He called her a lot of nasty names. Guess what? It was Daenerys’ mother tongue, and she understood every word! It didn’t end well.
  2. Mean what you say, and do what you say: Two words: red wedding. Poor Robb Stark. When he backed out of a marriage pact, it came back to bite his entire clan. Customers don’t like this, either. Be transparent. If you make a promise, keep it.
  3. Spread the love: There aren’t any public relations firms in King’s Landing, but Margaery Tyrell is a total PR maven. Yes, she’s about to marry to the most insufferable punk to ever sit on the Iron Throne. But she knows the power of good PR. She goes out in the community and walks among her people. She gives food to the hungry and clothes to the poor. Her subjects love her. Hopefully, that will spare her Joffrey’s fate. Or will it? I won’t spoil that.