Why SEO Will Boost Sales and How to Get Started

search-engine-marketingGetting more sales from search engines boils down to three methods – and, it’s actually pretty easy to get started. But before we dig into how this all works, you’ve probably heard of “SEO” or search engine optimization. SEO is basically a set of methodologies and techniques that help your website or any of your other web properties (ex. Facebook page) become more visible in search engines, like Google.

When your business is more visible in search engines, you get more clicks to your site by the people looking for the specific services or products you provide. A percentage of those clicks turn into calls or inquiries that you can then turn into sales.

There are three primary methods for increasing local visibility and reputation with search engines: local directory optimization; online reputation management; and on-page optimization.

Local Directory Optimization:

Online Reputation Management:

On-Page Optimization:

If you apply all three of these methodologies, you will have a GREAT head start in growing sales through SEO. Your business will start showing up higher in searches for the keywords relevant to your product or services and begin generating more inquiries for the services you sell over time.

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