Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite?

Whether you paid attention to the Super Bowl game or not, you’ve probably seen this year’s ads a time or two by now. Despite the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII, this year’s ads made us laugh, tugged on our emotions, left us thinking “what did that even mean?” and prompted millions to jump on Twitter and swiftly tweet #EsuranceSave30. What was your favorite ad? Here’s a recap of the Obsidian crew’s favorite spots. 
Loren Dean: My favorite was Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome
Kim- The Audi Doberhuahua commercial!
Ephiphany- I’m going with U2 and Bank of America’s ad “Invisible.” It promoted three types of organizations at the same time!
Lauren: I “awwwwed” 100 times during Budweiser’s Puppy Love and A Hero’s Welcome ads. I thought Esurance’s ad after the game was the most clever and creative, and incorporated the best social media element. I also really liked Coca-Cola’s America is Beautiful. I think people deeply misunderstood it. 
Bianca- The Doritos cowboy kid was definitely my favorite!
Kerri- My favorite was definitely Bud Light’s “Ian’s Up for Anything” ad
Ali- I thought the Heinz Ketchup one was cute since they celebrated what everyone knows about their ketchup: it’s hard to get out of the glass bottles and makes funny noises in the plastic squeeze ones. 
Tiffany- Doritos cowboy kid!
Thomas: I thought radioshack had the best commercial during the Super Bowl from a branding perspective. It quickly got my attention, along with anyone else who grew up in the ‘80s, with tons of pop culture references. But, once the montage featuring Alf, Hulk Hogan and the California Raisins ended, they were able to speak to the new direction the company is going for in its stores. Just as significant, they unveiled a branding change going from RadioShack to radioshack along with a new cleaner font.
Sarah: Puppy Love by Budweiser! 
Katie: My favorite had to be Love Hurts by Turbo Tax.
Kelli: Budweiser, as usual, had some of the best, most well-rounded ads. They never disappoint. I actually really liked T-Mobile’s #nocontract campaign. I thought it was funny how they played off Tim Tebow’s lack of a contract. And I was legitimately talking about it with a friend today who was fed up with her carrier! 
Crissy: I was on the road during the Super Bowl this year, but I got a good laugh from USA Today’s Joe Namath-inspired logo.