Where we work when we’re not at work


I joke that I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I’m known to slink away at any family gathering to snag a nap on the guest bedroom floor. I’ve slept through countless hurricanes (Florida kid), and have lived next to train tracks twice in my life, never once losing a minute of sleep. I was even so bold as to take a 20-minute power nap on Main Street, USA, during Disney’s “Remember the Magic” parade.

While I didn’t snag a mid-day nap during my trip to Disney World last summer, I was able to answer a few emails while waiting in line for Thunder Mountain. The flexibility of our job has its perks – one of those being we can work from anywhere! So long as you have a cell phone and internet access, you can get the job done. As a prime example, I recently arranged an entire news segment from our resort in Turks & Caicos.

While Disney World and a Caribbean island are definitely anomalies when it comes to working outside of the office, it’s common to spot our team working from a local hangout. From coffee shops to bakeries and grocery stores, our team has scoped out the best places in Memphis to get work done. So, here’s where our team likes to work when they’re not at work!

Jenna Taylor – Muddy’s Grind House in Midtown

To be my most productive self, I need to have three things: strong coffee, a chill environment and a great W-Ffi connection. That’s why Muddy’s Grind House is my favorite place to work outside of the office. Great lattes and sweets – sign me up! How could someone not be happy and productive with the smell of cupcakes and baked goods filling the air?

Gracie Lee – Low Fi Coffee on South Main

I love working from Low Fi – the coffee shop located inside Stock & Belle on South Main. I love the atmosphere, and they definitely have some of the best (and strongest!) coffee.

Courtney Ellett – Spring Creek Ranch in Collierville

My home away from the office is usually Spring Creek Ranch in Collierville. I’m inspired by the gorgeous views that the clubhouse offers at every turn in its dining room. When I have a hefty project that requires zero interruptions, that’s my “quiet space.” It certainly doesn’t hurt that I have an amazing staff to tend to my every need. That means I stay efficient working out there all day. I get my early-morning coffee fix and drift right into lunch and into a gorgeous sunset until the work is done.

Carlee Smith – The Hub in East Memphis

My favorite place to work outside of the office is The Hub! It’s never too crowded so I don’t have any trouble finding somewhere to sit. On top of having wonderful coffee, The Hub partners with local organizations and missions to help build a better Memphis.

Lauren Hannaford – Whole Foods in Germantown

When I’m in the East Memphis area for a meeting or appointment, I love heading just a little further east to the loft at the Germantown Whole Foods! They have excellent internet… and coffee! It can get a little busy at times, but with headphones in and music on, the atmosphere and the view is conducive to getting work done. Plus, you are definitely in the right place if you need a snack!

Christina Babu – City Silo in East Memphis

I love City Silo! The interior has tons of natural light and fresh plants all over that help me find focus. Plus, their menu is extensive from light snacks to hearty quinoa bowls to refreshing lattes, so it’s great to go any time of day. I could easily spend a whole day working there.

Whitney Albert – Cafe Eclectic throughout Memphis

I’ve worked from Cafe Eclectic in Harbor Town a couple of times. There’s usually open seats because most folks grab their items to go or don’t stay for too long. And, I make it a point to try one of their sweet treats while I’m there, which is an added bonus. Sadly this location closed as they’re planning to move across the street to a bigger location. In the meantime, you can check out their other locations on McLean in Midtown or on Highland in East Memphis!

Murray Lace – Downtown Nutrition on North Main

When I’m away from the office I like working at Downtown Nutrition. I order a shake (Nutter Butter, of course!), put my headphones in and get to work. The big windows that overlook Main Street are a plus, too. I’m a big natural light gal.

Taylor Jolley – City & State on Broad Avenue

I can get down with any establishment that has a “Yay coffee!” mural greeting you from the parking lot. City & State has amazing coffee (dare I say the best in Memphis?), and I love a place where a break from work allows me a shopping opportunity.

Where is your favorite place to work in Memphis?! Let us know in the comments below.