When lip-syncing at your desk is actually acceptable

The days of being hampered down by a Walkman are long over (do kids even know what a walkman is now?). Music is easily accessible to us with the prominence of smart phones and laptop computers. I have both of these at my convenience at work every day, which makes listening to music at any time very easy.

But the question remains: is it okay for me to listen to music at work? Fortunately, at Obsidian, hunkering down in “headphone mode” is a habit that many of us have created for ourselves. While some workplaces don’t allow music during the workday, it can actually be very beneficial to your morale and productivity.

While having the freedom to listen to music is a wonderful benefit, keep in mind that this is also a privilege that you should not abuse.

What have you found? Does listening to music during the workday help you concentrate? What do you listen to? Tell us below!