What’s in Your PR Survival Kit?

Earlier this year, I had a jam-packed day of meetings – four consecutive meetings in different locations to be exact. As I left the office the evening before, I failed to put some key items in my bag. These items were pretty standard office supplies – a notebook for taking notes, a few client folders and a pen. When I arrived at my first meeting the next day, I realized I had paid no attention to what was in my work bag, or purse for that matter, and had to borrow a piece of paper and a pen from my co-worker. I always have at least one pen somewhere, but this particular morning was a preparation #fail!

This may not seem like a big deal at all. It’s just a pen and a piece of paper after all. However, not being prepared with even the smallest of details can completely throw off your day and even your meetings. So, what do you pack in your work bag to make sure you’re prepared for the day?

Here’s a list of items that may seem obvious, but in the grand scheme of being prepared, could be critical to your day:
– A pen!
– A notepad!
– Your computer
– Computer charger (or an extra)
– Phone charger
– Breath mints or gum
– A camera of some kind
– AP Stylebook (if you don’t subscribe online)
– Business cards (if you still use those)
– Online passwords (I recommend the Dashlane password manager)

Another way to look at this is to examine what your “etiquette” survival kit should look like. Now that you’re prepared with the tangible tools you need to get through the day, are you prepared with your best manners and attitude?

– A smile
– A professional, happy voice
– A great handshake
– Knowledge of how to properly introduce someone or yourself
– Quick response time
– Willingness to go the extra mile
– Willingness to jump in and problem-solve
– Poise when faced with a difficult discussion
– Ability to accept criticism and feedback
– Ability to listen well

What do you include in your PR survival kit? Comment below.