The one where OPR shares their fave TV show – What’s our team bingeing at the moment?

With so many options on streaming platforms these days, it’s hard to pick just one show to watch at any given moment. If you’re like me, then you’re easily overwhelmed by the amount of shows, genres and platforms  to choose from – the options are ENDLESS. To help narrow down your decision, I compiled some of OPR’s favorite shows to make your choice a little bit easier and share a little insight about our team!  

Addison: I have two: “Westworld” on HBO! It’s like “Game of Thrones” and “Lost” had a robot baby. It’s amazing! Also, “The Leftovers” on HBO. It didn’t have a huge fan base and ended in 2017, but it’s so worth watching! It explores the aftermath of what would happen if 2% of the world’s population rapture-style vanished. Super cool!

Ashley: I just finished bingeing “Love is Blind” on Netflix! It’s a reality series/social experiment about if love is “actually” blind. People sit in these pods where they can’t see the other person but they can talk to each other. Over the span of *maybe* 10 days they get to know each other, get engaged, THEN meet and then get married a month later. It’s WILD but so, so interesting.

Carlee: I’m currently watching “Next in Fashion” on Netflix! Basically, fashion designers are given a type of clothing to make and compete in teams to see who can make the best pieces. It’s so much fun, very suspenseful and dramatic, and neat to see what everyone comes up with for each competition!

Christina: I recently binged the first season of Fleabag on a nine-hour flight. The show has some of the smartest writing and touches on real everyday human moments. Now if only someone would give me their Amazon Prime password so I can watch season two!

Courtney: I’m actually re-watching “Twin Peaks.” I binged it several years ago in a marathon-type style. I’m taking a little more time with it this go round. It’s hilarious, weird, scary, touching, melodramatic and totally fabulous.

Gracie: I’m actually not bingeing anything right now, but I’ve heard “Outlander” is a must – that’s next on my list!

Jenna: I’m bingeing the original “The L Word” on Netflix. I love it because it definitely paved the way for a lot of shows in terms of LGBTQ+ representation, and it’s really well written! 

Kelli: Not a binge because it’s on AMC, but my husband and I anxiously await the weekly episodes of “Better Call Saul” that just came back for season five. We’re old, so we never stay up to watch them live, but the next day, we’re always like “put the kids to bed; let’s watch the show.” 

Lauren: “Outlander”! Not only is it set in beautiful locations, including 18th century Scotland, France, North Carolina and the Carribean, but it also hits all of the important aspects I love in a great series. There’s drama, suspense, historical perspective and really interesting story lines.  

Murray: I may be the only person on the planet without a Netflix subscription, but I do tune in for Memphis Grizzlies games or Arkansas Razorback matchups though.

Taylor:  “Peaky Blinders” – I love historical fiction, and this series meets all of my period piece needs. It’s dark, it’s grungy, and it’s all around awesome (in the worst way). Not a great show to play when kids are around though!

Whitney: My boyfriend has me watching Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight.” I won’t lie – it’s kind of addictive because you want to see how the relationships unfold when two complete strangers take a huge leap of faith for love and marry.

Personally, I’d have to recommend “Gilmore Girls.” I’m watching it again – probably for the fourth time. Because of their quick lines, wit and humor, I hear some things that I didn’t catch before every time I watch it!  

As you dive deeper into the TV universe, I hope that some of these recommendations can help you narrow down your choice and also shine a little light on our team’s interests!