Three ways a PR firm can help drive your content

Dynamic duos consistently seize the spotlight. Just like Batman and Robin or Mary-Kate and Ashley, having a PR team in your back pocket can elevate your brand to new heights. Here’s how!

Follow the leader
While you aim for your business to stand out from the pack, sometimes it’s beneficial to not only follow what’s trending but also actively participate. Whether it’s adding a post to a popular hashtag or using a viral audio clip, there’s never a shortage of ways to craft content that keeps up with your competitors. That said, proceed with caution. Does the trend align with your brand values? If it doesn’t resonate with your mission or audience, it might not be the right fit. As trends evolve, so should your approach.

A PR firm can help you monitor what’s going on in your industry and offer insightful strategies tailored to your company. In addition to organic posts, you can follow trends through strategic advertising. Not sure where to start? Check out why videos are crucial for your ad campaign and why TikTok may be the ticket to success.

Timing is everything

Are you launching a new product or publicizing a new service offering? Are you opening a new location or storefront? Recognizing milestones and important dates can be the key to amplifying your message. News outlets love a compelling narrative, so tying the launch of a new product with a significant anniversary can help maximize attention. However, those outlets have priorities, and sometimes real-world events can dominate the news cycle. A dedicated PR team watching out for these situations can help advise on adjusting the timing of the launch to ensure your product doesn’t get overshadowed.

Take, for instance, the recent announcement of artist Kacey Musgraves’ new album. One day after posting a photo collage to her Instagram, she presented at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. Immediately following her appearance, the program cut to a 30-second promo hinting at her new album with a call to action to visit her website. This placement of lining up a highly anticipated release next to a highly televised event was a strategic, meticulous move to capitalize on the 16.9 million viewers who tuned in.

Your PR powerhouse is the boots on the ground, advising when (and when not) to make your big announcement.

Collaborate to captivate

We all know there’s power in numbers. When it comes to your brand, identifying and connecting with the right people can maximize your exposure. If your new product is intended for a specific end user, consider partnering with influencers, celebrities or highly respected people in the industries they follow. This type of collaboration puts your brand in front of new audiences and  allows you to target like-minded customers effectively.

A PR firm has extensive experience across industries and sectors, further widening your pool of resources. From crafting pitches and leveraging relationships to pinpointing mutually beneficial terms, the firm plays an instrumental role in marketing your content. If you’re ready to explore the power of PR, contact Obsidian today!