The top PR practices to work into your personal life

You don’t have to be a PR pro to know how to approach interactions in your daily life with a public relations mindset. Most people use valuable PR skills daily and don’t even realize it! Take it from our team, there are some gems you should take with you into your personal and professional life.

Take the small steps like Courtney.

PR can be an overwhelming discipline because of the crucial role we carry for our roster and because of the immediacy and urgency that our duty demands and clients deserve. Just getting started by taking small steps can get us on the right path and decrease anxiety or fear of the overall looming work. That’s the same in life. Whether it’s cleaning an overstuffed attic, painting a new room or prepping for a fun family get-together, giving yourself small victories at first and seeing progress help give you the confidence and motivation to conquer the whole beast. 

Be intentional like Whitney.

Being intentional with my communication works for me both personally and professionally. I apply this line of thinking to my daily life in helping to manage my household and set/meet expectations for my family.

Navigate relationships like Taylor.

I find that my role in public relations helps me more thoughtfully navigate conflict, especially when I’m in the wrong. When I follow our own advice – listen first, apologize genuinely, offer solutions to prevent this from happening in the future – I can de-escalate situations and even repair relationships.

Stay in the know like Gracie.

Paying attention to current events and news media is imperative in our field. Even when I’m not on the clock, I’m looking at news e-blasts I’m subscribed to, local blogs I support and social media platforms I follow.

Communicate clearly like Lauren.

Be clear and detailed in everyday communication. Just like in public relations, communicating clearly in your emails, texts, phone calls and in-person conversations is important to avoid misunderstandings or inefficiencies. Failing to provide details or spell out questions clearly only creates unnecessary chaos and time lost! 

Plan ahead like Murray.

Planning ahead is key! Proactive planning in my personal life keeps me organized.

Be detail oriented like Carlee.

Pay attention to details. This is a very useful skill in PR and daily life. People love knowing you remember something they said, like what their favorite band, color or candy is. It makes them feel special!

Offer constructive feedback like Christina.

The ability to offer advice to friends constructively is something I’ve learned from working in public relations. Even if a friend does or says something I don’t agree with, I can approach and talk to them in a diplomatic manner that effectively addresses the issue and minimizes hurt feelings.

Be mindful like Jenna W.

I feel like my work has helped me practice mindfulness and environmental scanning. It’s important to be aware of what is going on in the world and to see how that aligns with my needs or goals. I don’t want to push something out without taking into account other situations at hand and how what I am doing or saying could be perceived. Being mindful also results in higher quality interactions and achieving goals in a clearer way.

Listen closely like Audra. 

The way I incorporate PR practices into my daily life is by putting effort into being a good listener when I interact with others. People often take for granted how important it is to just listen sometimes. Not everything requires a response, just a friendly face and the assurance that you care can be enough for others.

And from me, positivity.

Though it’s not necessarily a “PR skill,” remaining positive tends to help me churn out my best work. It’s how I’m able to craft pitches, write blogs, come up with social media posts and brainstorm ideas for promotion. A major goal in public relations is to build a positive perception of your clients. What if you carried that positive outlook over into your personal life?