The Power of Video for Your Brand

Let’s face it; we’re constantly consuming content these days. In fact, many times we don’t even realize it. You’re doing it right now!! And if you’ve watched any of those one-minute cooking videos on Facebook, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, why is it important for YOUR brand?

Let me first start by saying this is ironic – writing a blog about why video content is important. Maybe I should have made a video?! Either way, video content can really, truly, leverage your brand and begin to tell your story. Best of all, it lasts forever.

  1. Video is effective – We live in a fast-paced, short-attention-span world. Video engages your followers, and draws them into your story and your brand. Video can say a lot in a short amount of time; it can say enough to get someone interested and asking for more.
  2. Video increases brand visibility through “show and tell” – Video creates the opportunity for a practical preview of what you’re actually selling. Whether it’s the story or a specific product, it allows you to showcase your brand, expertise and story. Engage viewers, and they will share content for you (see stats below for proof).
  3. Video lasts forever – Literally, once you upload your video, it’s available forever. It will continue to help generate leads. It keeps on giving and allows you to continue sharing your story on multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop, presentations, etc.).

Let me tell you a brief story about the “video lasts forever and generates leads” topic: We recently produced a video for St. Mary’s Cathedral in Memphis. The video was posted on the St. Mary’s Facebook page; a page with only 700 followers. Since being posted, the video has been shared 125 times and has been viewed more than 14,000 times. What an incredible reach for a page with only 700 followers! The goal of the video was to create awareness for the organization’s Wednesday morning breakfast while generating more sponsors to help cover the costs of the breakfast. In two days, St. Mary’s generated enough donations to pay for the cost of the video. In a week, the organization doubled its donations – and the video continues to provide leads for volunteers and donors. You can read more about that here.

If those three reasons (and a story) aren’t enough for you, let’s talk numbers for a second:

In my opinion, video is a no-brainer. It can boost your audience, raise awareness, promote and leverage your story and brand. And, it does it quickly.

But before you get all excited about video, you should know that quality video takes effort and expertise. It’s more than shooting a video and posting it on Facebook. Poor quality or a slow feel are instant turn offs. So is lacking a plan to use it. A marketing plan is essential for maximizing a video’s potential. If you have someone on staff with video expertise, tap into his/her skills immediately. If not, consider hiring outside your company for projects. Tapping into a storyline and inspiring others to act is the real key to any video. It’s worth it!

Lauren Squires Ready is owner and “Master of Stories” at Forever Ready Productions in Memphis, Tennessee. The company specializes in working with nonprofits, small business and start-ups with focus on creating a fast-paced story by engaging the audience through emotion and dynamic video. Reach out to her at www.foreverreadyllc.comView the 2015 highlights reel below.