The ongoing, unexpected benefits of a PR partnership

When partnering with a PR firm, you might expect amped-up social media content, increased media mentions and stronger brand recognition. What you might not expect are those lesser-known benefits that continue to benefit your business in the long run – like ongoing community interest, enhanced search engine optimization for online shoppers and a stronger sense of community among small businesses. 

My partnership with Obsidian led to all of those expected (but much valued) outcomes – incredible stories from local outlets, targeted social media content and customized email campaigns that brought in more sales than I could have imagined for a holiday season plagued by a pandemic. It was the unexpected benefits that are allowing my business to continue reaping the rewards well after our partnership launched. 

Memphis is known for talented food artisans, and I know that the community has a wide variety of choices when it comes to local sweet treats. But, Obsidian’s efforts with Mid-South food writers instilled a sense of trust and ongoing interest in my brand and products from new and existing customers. Bluff City Toffee has managed to remain at the forefront of these conversations because of it. With the recent opening of Bluff City Toffee’s own retail location and an unbelievably successful holiday season, the conversations haven’t died down. I’m still working on replenishing stock in my storefront and in retail stores well into the new year! 

Not only did sales see an all-time high, but the brand’s online presence is now backed by even more organic, positive content. I know search engine optimization is just as important as anything else when selling products, and I now have living online content that shows people my story, brand and sweet treats. Online shoppers are given even more hearty background information on me and the company, and that is always a valued element to any PR partnership. 

And another unexpected benefit from my PR partnership with Obsidian – a stronger sense of community among local artisans and businesses. I already had established relationships with local retailers prior to our engagement, but I now recognize even more opportunities to partner with other stores because of Obsidian’s work. I also see local artisans and retailers interacting with us on social media. Given the times that we’re in, it’s important that small businesses do what we can to support one another. It’s encouraging to know that other local retailers are making that a priority during this time, too. 

While the larger, more obvious benefits of partnering with a PR firm always pay off, the unexpected benefits can be even more everlasting – and I’ve seen it first hand. I never could have imagined the success that came from the last holiday season, but thankfully, that success is continuing into a new year because of the work and benefits my public relations partner provides.