From The Rock

If it’s on the Internet, it MIGHT be true (according to this Internet blog post).

By | April 24, 2014

You’ve probably seen that commercial with the girl who believes everything she sees on the Internet. It’s a State Farm commercial, but no one talks about it for insurance. They talk about it because the poor girl believes everything she sees online. It’s funny, but it’s also sad because it... Read More »

Online Reviews: A Love-Hate Relationship

By | March 06, 2014

Last winter, my family and I were in Orange Beach, Ala., for a quick vacation after Christmas. After a day of shopping at the Foley outlet mall (which is FANTASTIC the week after Christmas!), my mom and I were charged with picking up dinner. We’d been to most of the... Read More »

Do you have #SochiProblems?

By | February 20, 2014

It’s Olympics time! I kind of love that the International Olympic Committee decided to stagger the summer and winter games, because it means we get to watch every two years without getting too much “Olympic fatigue.”    I also love pretty much everything else about the Olympics (albeit not as... Read More »

Cultural Considerations

By | December 26, 2013

America is a melting pot. Or is it? I’ve also heard it described as a salad bowl, because all of the unique things that make up this country still manage to retain a flavor of their own, much like nuts, cheese or fruit does on a salad. Think about it.... Read More »

Newer is Not Always Better

By | November 21, 2013

One of my favorite commercial series on television right now is for AT&T. You’ve probably seen the ads, which show a guy sitting down with a group of children. They’ve determined that faster is better, better is better and, recently…newer is better. On that one, I’m going to disagree. Now,... Read More »

Step Aside, Samantha Jones

By | October 15, 2013

This past weekend, I spent my Sunday watching past episodes of Smash. I love musicals, but I also happen to love the insight to the Broadway process the show portrays. But the recent prevalence of Agnes, the publicist on the show, made me wonder if what I’m watching is a... Read More »

A PR Problem

By | July 16, 2013

Paula Deen has a PR problem. At some point Tiger Woods and Martha Stewart have had PR problems. You could even argue that the New England Patriots have a PR problem, what with all their players being arrested for various things. But what is a PR problem, really? Most people... Read More »

Going viral

By | June 04, 2013

My sister lives in South Korea. She doesn’t get to come home often, but what she discovered on one of her visits a few months ago baffled her. Gangnam Style was sweeping the United States. At first, she was confused. She said it was a popular dance in South Korean... Read More »