Survey Says…

Recently, an employee survey was leaked from Uber, a company with a not-so-solid reputation for employee satisfaction. However, according to the most recent survey in October, Uber employees are beginning to feel better about their employer and their work. With the majority of feedback being favorable for the company and its future, this survey has given Uber an opportunity to make positive progress, despite its past PR woes!

So, why should companies conduct internal surveys? What is the value of asking team members what they think? What do you do with the results?

Survey says…

Your company’s biggest asset is its employees, and they want to feel heard and valued. By giving them a platform to provide honest feedback, you can help your company build and sustain employee retention, overall reputation and success. According to Harvard Business Review, employee surveys are one of the best ways to manage engagement. Even if your company is seemingly doing well, it’s important to gauge employee satisfaction and areas where your company could learn and grow. Surveys aren’t just a tool to grasp internal approval, they should help generate new, useful ideas and provide insight.

Taking the good with the bad and implementing change.

Surveys help you determine the areas in which your company needs improvement from your most knowledgeable data source – your employees. While it’s always nice to receive positive feedback it’s also important to note any negative feedback, and implement different tactics as a result. Or, you may have to educate your team on why something won’t work for your company at the moment, and consider interim shifts or future possible changes. Growth and change is part of any successful business, so take negative feedback as an opportunity and not a threat. OPR is a great example of how surveying works to benefit the company as a whole. Through surveying over the years, we’ve implemented several different techniques for employee satisfaction and retention, from Friday time off to automatic payroll.

Surveys are an important tool for organizations to use to measure engagement and to brainstorm ideas for growth, but they’re also a meaningful practice that helps employers better understand the needs of their employees and their company.