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Staying social with Addison Walker

By | November 19, 2020

Every member of our team is socially active – ranging from the Instagram onlooker to the Facebook fanatic. Addison falls on the more engaged end of the spectrum, raking in Twitter likes and TikTok saves like it’s her job. Her wit and fun personality both help her serve her clients and adds a ton of laughter to our office culture! 

Hiring and promoting from our internship program is one of the ways we find long-term success at Obsidian. Addison is another glowing example of an OPR intern-turned-professional. She joined the firm nearly two years ago as an intern and started servicing clients full time as an account assistant in May 2018. Since then, she’s learned a lot about working in an agency setting – from account management to daily client work. We’re proud to have her on our team. She’ll share what she’s learned in this month’s staff spotlight! 


  • Has your definition of public relations changed since you joined an agency? Why or why not?


My definition of public relations hasn’t changed, but my understanding of how it’s done definitely has. You can learn a lot about strategies and tactics in your college communication courses, but it takes actually working in PR to understand how to balance what you’ve learned with the “real life” moving parts, like client relationships. 


  • Right now, what’s your personal favorite social media app?


TikTok, of course! It was a quarantine miracle that it happened to rise in popularity. I spent a large portion of my lockdown scrolling my “for you page,”  like I’m sure many of you did. It’s a wonderful place to be, and I highly recommend it – even though it already has one famous Addison…


  • What is the most exciting part of agency life? What is the most challenging?


The most exciting part of agency life is the variety. We aren’t tied down to one specific industry or the same daily succession of tasks. We are constantly moving from one thing to the next, meaning there’s no room for monotony or boredom. The most challenging aspect of agency life is also the variety. The fast-paced nature of our job means we’re often fielding last-minute requests and working under a time crunch. But hey – that’s what keeps me on my toes.


  • Bingeing or reading anything interesting these days? Give us some content recommendations! 


I’ve been reading a ton since quarantine. Most of the books I read are mysteries or thrillers. They usually have summaries that go something like, “They had the perfect marriage…or did they?!” All of that to say, hit up my new favorite app Libby, and search “mystery & thriller guide.” You’ll be sure to find at least 20 of my recommendations!


  • What are some strategies you use to pull yourself out of a creative slump?


Panic, usually. There’s nothing like a rapidly approaching deadline to send my brain into high gear and produce an adrenaline rush of creativity that wasn’t there an hour ago.


  • When we can safely travel, where are you going on your first vacation?


I want to go on a European trip! I’m thinking Paris (mostly for the bread).