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Staff spotlight – Addison Walker

By | August 05, 2019

Staff Spotlight – Addison Walker

If you’ve been in our building lately, you might have noticed a new desk in our center office. There, you’ll find our newest intern-turned-full-timer, Addison Walker. Addison joined our team in early 2019 as an intern and was hired as an account assistant in May. She’s witty, talented and she shared some of her thoughts with us in this month’s staff spotlight. 

What has been your favorite part of moving to Memphis? 

The comfortable atmosphere that makes it approachable and easy to call home after just a short time.

What has most surprised you about working in the PR industry? 

How often crisis communication plans are needed and how often crisis-type situations actually do come up.

Give us a shameless plug for your favorite show right now. 

My shameless plug is always going to be Ugly Betty. Y’all have been sleeping on that show since 2006.

What’s one business that does social PR well, and why do you think it’s successful?

Wendy’s, always. I think they handle their Twitter better than any company I’ve ever seen. They maintain a great balance of humor and promotion. They have mastered the art of being more of a “persona” than a company. They seem relatable, like a funny, old friend you happen to run into at a Wendy’s.

If you had to listen to one artist on repeat for an entire day, what artist would you choose? 

KATY PERRY. I know she’s been MIA the last few years, but she is and will always be the queen of pop. I could listen to the Teenage Dream album for the rest of my life and be a better person because of it.

What is one thing in the industry you think will be obsolete in five years? One thing that will be on the rise? 

I don’t think media relations will exist in its current form. I don’t see public relations professionals having to pitch to reporters as often, and I don’t see reporters responding frequently. Social media has played the biggest part in changing this landscape in my opinion. It’s easier to put information out there yourself, and it’s easier to find information from which to create a story. As I just mentioned, social media is playing a role in changing the landscape of just about everything, so I believe we’ll see it continue to rise far into the future.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between PR and marketing? 

Marketing is selling a product, and PR is selling whoever is selling the product. Marketing makes sure the public has information and exposure to a specific service or item while PR makes sure the public has an understanding of the seller’s message, as well as a relational connection with them.