Spice up your social media calendar

Whether you’re an experienced chef, a novice cook or not allowed in the kitchen for fear of burning it down, one of the most important tips I’ve received about cooking is that it’s all about the spice. Spices and seasonings can completely transform your dish and kick your taste buds into high gear. I like to apply the same mentality to social media calendars. Of course, the meat of the content is important, but neglecting the potatoes could result in a lackluster, flat feed.

If you’re wanting to add some pizzazz to your timeline and create meaningful, engaging content, keep reading as I provide a few of my favorite tips to spice up your next social media calendar.

Utilize your pantry by sharing customer photos.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s right in front of you. Special ingredients are often hidden away behind more commonly reached-for items. In this case, those ingredients are customer-taken photos – something you already have but may not realize!

Your social media followers are great ambassadors for your business or organization. Loyal restaurant-goers share photos of their brunch and tag the establishment to show followers where they are in case they want to try the same delicious meal – but you can also use this to your advantage.

Incorporating guest-taken images into your next social media calendar will create excitement from other guests about the opportunity of being featured on your account, generate engagement from others who want the same opportunity and give your account a more personal feel. Just be sure to tag the photographer to give them credit!

Show off your skills by posting reviews and testimonials.

It’s OK to brag every now and then! You’ve put in the hard work and hustle to earn a five-star review. However, reviews and testimonials have more to give than boosting your rating on review sites – they can be used as social media content!

There are many ways to showcase reviews and testimonials, but my favorite is creating a graphic. Overlay the review as text over the background or image for a different type of post. Did the reviewer post photos? Even better! Utilize those photos and let the review be the caption. Once again, your customers prove to be your best advocates so make sure they enjoy their experience!

Marinate on recognition days.

I’m sure you’ve heard of National Margarita Day, but what about Caregiver Appreciation Day? Or World Water Day? No matter the field you’re in, I guarantee that there are recognition days that apply to your business or organization. These “holidays” are a great excuse to post! Let’s say you’re a coffee shop and it’s National Espresso Day – post a picture of your espresso-based specialties and hashtag the name of the recognition day. Bonus points if you host a giveaway to honor the day!

While these days can seem silly, they are usual for businesses and organizations of any kind, especially if you can post on one that’s not necessarily associated with your company.

What other social media tips do you have to keep your content fresh and engaging your followers? Let us know in the comments!