Social media trends for 2023

Always evolving, social media can make or break a brand – yours included. The digital presence of a brand can be the key to a successful campaign, product launch and longevity. Below, we highlight four trends we’re seeing for 2023. While they may seem familiar, don’t be quick to judge. Adjusting the way your brand may already participate in the below trends will keep you relevant and have customers coming back for more.

Short and sweet messaging

It’s no secret; shorter attention spans are ever-present these days. Fewer than 140 characters of digestible content is becoming the norm. An attention-grabbing less-than-a-minute video can be the perfect way to keep your customer engaged – and 30 seconds or less seems to be the sweet spot, thank you TikTok. These videos can be your company’s outlet for introducing a new product or hopping on a viral trend. With social media platform algorithms consistently favoring videos over static posts, it can be daunting to think about creating a cinematic masterpiece with a room full of props and equipment. But, that’s the thing. The video doesn’t have to be that serious. Most consumers follow brands with relatable content. The equipment that’s in your hand, that you’re likely reading this blog post on, will do just fine. 

Social shopping

No, we’re not talking about shopping in a crowded store. We’re talking e-commerce. The rise of shopping on social media platforms hit record numbers in 2022, and the billion-dollar industry is only expected to grow. Consumers are actively scrolling and looking for good deals. It’s only natural that shopping would make its way over to popular platforms – hello sponsored ads, we see you. While there are reservations about purchasing through social media apps, there are still ways for your company to benefit. Add to your rotation of posts how easy refunds and returns are, include discount codes specific to your social followers, post positive reviews and you guessed it – make a video showing off your latest and greatest product. Remember those sponsored ads we mentioned before? They can be tailored to reach the right customer at the right time making it a seamless transition from add to cart to checkout. 

Satisfied customers

Few things are scarier for a social media manager than getting the alert that NY152 left several comments complaining about an experience with your company. Even worse, the post went viral. The pandemic shifted customers’ power online, giving them instant access to your brand and in some cases, a sense of entitlement. The shorter attention spans we mentioned at the start of this post are very present when it comes to customer service. Where is my package? Why haven’t I heard back about my refund? Why is my discount code not working? Nip that crisis in the bud by proactively making customer service just as important as selling your product. Worried about hiring an entire department to handle this? Never fear. A simple, time-saving auto-reply for your DMs is just the trick. Facebook and Instagram make this easy with the use of keywords and multiple reply options. Go into the new year with a plan in place to help your marketing team field concerns and keep customers like NY152 happy and complaint-free.

Sincere selling

Tired of us talking about videos? Neither are we. The short and sweet bite-sized videos of relatable content are key to keeping your brand authentic. Successful brand strategy in 2023 will continue to be about real people in real time. Companies are expected, if not demanded, to be transparent. Whether that’s showing your CEO doing the latest dance trend, or having your social media manager quiz employees about celebrities, consumers like supporting businesses they perceive as genuine. When customers feel a connection to your brand, they’re more likely to spend money with you over a competitor, tell their friends and be loyal. So, grab your phone, let your hair down and make some content!