Social media changes and how your business should keep up

Change when it comes to social media is a never-ending cycle. Platforms are constantly updating their features to keep up with consumer wants, needs and habits. And in turn, businesses must constantly change their social media strategies to keep up with the new social norm and stand out among the competition.

Being able to refocus your social media efforts and experiment with these new changes will allow your business to attract and engage your target audience in a unique and fresh way.

A whole new era of social media is approaching, and the businesses that will #slay their social media marketing efforts are the ones that work to stay on top of the hot trends. Let’s break down a few recent changes we’ve seen on social media and how your business can keep up with them.

Facebook News Feed algorithm
The feud between Facebook and fake news is about as intense as Nicki vs. Cardi B, and businesses’ social media marketing efforts are impacted by it. This past year, Facebook has made about a dozen changes to businesses’ advertising capabilities, in an effort to provide more trustworthy content for its users. Essentially Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm so that users will see fewer posts from businesses and the media and more posts from family members, friends and groups.

So, what does this mean for businesses that are still looking to advertise through the Facebook Ads Platform? Say it with me…shareable content. Make it a point to post high-quality, personalized content that users will want to share with their followers. It’s also important to make smart calls-to-action in your posts, encouraging users to share, like, comment, click, etc.

Hashtags on Instagram
Instagram is by far one of the most engaging platforms out there. Why? Because visual content dominates the social media scene these days. And, that’s all Instagram is – visual content. Hashtags have been around for years, but the power of using hashtags is what’s new for brands. Instagram recently launched the ability for accounts to follow certain hashtags. Basically, if a user follows the hashtag you use in your post, your post will pop up on their news feed.

So, #getwithit and start adding hashtags to every post you put up. You can use up to 30 at a time!

Engagement between brands and consumers
You know the “do unto others” saying? Same rules apply here. You can’t expect consumers to connect and engage with your content if you aren’t engaging back. Brands who experience the most success through social media are the ones who make their consumers feel part of a community. Brands must realize that social media is a place to create lasting relationships with their target audience, rather than just a place to advertise their products or services.

Take the time to reply to your followers’ comments. Use the new Instagram regram option to share your followers’ stories. Encourage conversations among your followers by asking fun questions in your post’s caption. Host giveaways frequently. Use live videos to answer questions from your followers. There are so many ways to engage with your target audience these days…take advantage of them!