Smile. Say Cheese. And Mean It.

Some people really love having their picture taken, some are indifferent and a lot of people truly dread it. I’ve heard a thousand excuses why somebody can’t be in a picture. I admit I’ve thrown out a few myself before. 
Typically, I fall in the indifferent category when it comes to having my picture taken. I prefer some advanced notice, but if someone really must have a picture, I’ll give it a big smile and hope for the best. I stumbled across a magazine article not too long ago on this subject that I thought was worth sharing. It addressed simple things you can do to help show your best side in any photo. Below are the tips I learned:
Avoid keeping your hands right by your sides.This can appear awkward or unnatural in many instances. Instead, opt to clasp your arms in front of or behind you, hold onto a glass if you have one or place your arms around others in the photo.
The light is your friend. The illuminating effects of light on your skin actually help to diminish the appearance of skin imperfections, not broadcast them.
Get rid of the double chin. You want to be at eye level or below the camera to make sure this doesn’t happen. You run the risk of creating the illusion of multiple chins when the photographer is below you. Also, focus on protruding your chin out about an inch to ensure this doesn’t happen.
You can’t always control what you’re wearing or where you are when someone wants to snap a picture of you, but these simple steps are things you can make count no matter the situation. Next time you are having your photo taken at work, at an event or out with family and friends, don’t shy away from the camera! Stand tall, in the light and with your chin held high because you know how to make that snapshot count.