Q&A with New Mama Lauren Hannaford

Longtime Obsidianite Lauren Hannaford recently earned a new title – mother. She joins the ranks of the rest of the Obsidian Mamas, which now includes five team members and accounts for 14 children! When asked how having a baby has changed her life, Lauren says she gets up earlier and plans even more in advance than she did before. Spoken like a true PR professional! It’s all about remaining organized, planning well and being efficient with her time. We dug in a little deeper with her in our Q&A this month.

What has changed since you’ve had Charlie?

I definitely have less personal time than I used to! And, there’s really less opportunity for spontaneity – such as going to grab dinner with the hubby or running errands after work. Also, how I stay organized has changed a lot, too.

How do you stay organized now?

I work a lot more in advance than I used to – both at work and in my personal life. Sunday used to be my day to plan out our grocery shopping list and hit the store. Now, that list is completed by Friday. And, I have to keep more things written down than I used to. With so much to remember now, I can’t just keep it all in my head.

Was it hard going back to work after your maternity leave?

It was tough at first, of course, to leave him when I got to be with him every day for the first three months of his life, but I know he is in good hands every day. Both of the grandmothers help keep him during the day, so I know he’s well loved.

How has being a mom impacted your time at work?

I stay really busy at work, so it keeps me distracted from thinking about being at home. When I’m at work, I’m very focused on my job and getting everything done so that I can go home and focus on being with my family. And, vice versa, when I’m at home, I am very focused on making sure everything is taken care of so that I don’t have to worry about it while I’m at work.